It's a week before the elections

It has been quite an interesting ride as a candidate for Wyoming City Council, but overall very positive. Thank you for your support and encouragement. It’s been great connecting with everyone in the community during this process. I’ve learned a lot about the city, what’s important to residents, and other interesting insights.

One of my "election moments” was when my mom and stepdad came to visit and was witness to the conversations about Wyoming with other residents. As we finished up their visit over brunch, my mom beamed like only a mother could do and shared her pride in what I was doing. She went on to talk about how she, as an immigrant, always wanted for me to have the American dream. It brought a tear to my eye when she said that I’ve exceeded her dream here in Wyoming.

I know and respect a wide variety of people here in Wyoming. I also know that even if we don't see eye-to-eye on every single issue that comes up, I will do my best to listen, understand the variety of perspectives, and ultimately speak up for what is best for the community.

As November 2nd approaches, I appreciate you encouraging everyone you know to vote and be educated on who they are voting for. I believe that voter turnout is going to be key and it will come down to a close margin of votes. And I hope I have your vote.

At the end of the day, I’m proud of the positive and community oriented campaign that I have run. We’re all neighbors and passionate about our community. After the election, no matter the outcome, we are still neighbors and have passion for our community. Bottom line, we need to be models of respect and find strategies to get things done for the betterment of our community.

As always, I am open to connecting, answering questions and talking about my candidacy for Wyoming City Council.

Thanks for your support!


Who will be on your Dream Team for Wyoming City Council?

Every voting Wyoming Resident has the opportunity to vote for up to 7 candidates for Wyoming City Council. I would be humbled to be a part of the slate of candidates that you vote for in the election. I think that is an amazing opportunity for each resident to choose their “dream team” to represent them on the Wyoming City Council. I think every candidate has their strengths and areas of expertise that they can bring to the table.

Why should you vote for me as a part of your team? 1) I’m a team player. I will attack problems, not people. I will find solutions and provide a variety of perspectives needed to get the job done. 2) I am Curious. I will listen, ask questions and connect with people and entities for answers. I think Ted Lasso said it best, “Be Curious...not Judgmental” 3) I will do my best to move the City of Wyoming towards the goals set forth by the Strategic Plan. Of course there needs to be some tweaks - the plan doesn’t mention COVID and what we needed to do to support residents and businesses through a pandemic. It is a solid plan that was developed with many residents providing feedback. It is that constant feedback that we need to continue to progress. 4) I will provide a voice that is not always at the table. I'm a proud Filipina-American, Woman and Working Professional. 5) I care about my neighbors and the Wyoming Community and will strive to make the best decisions with the Community in mind.

I don't wear many different hats,
I wear many T-shirts proudly!

I care about our Wyoming community and I show it by being involved, invested and impactful. While I have worn many different T-shirts in the eight years of living here, I've always worn those shirts with pride and tried my best to contribute. How do I manage? I have a great family that supports me, neighbors that are willing to lend a helping hand, and a drive to connect with others. A positive attitude and recognizing that I still have holes in my cape and even an extra person that has my back.

My graduation from Grand Valley State University with my roommates.

Running for Public Office is like being a First Generation College Student all over again

There are so many things about things about running for Public Office that makes me feel like a First Generation College Student all over again. My parents immigrated from the Philippines and didn't know anything about the process of getting me to college. Luckily, just like this campaign has been coming together, there are many people behind the scenes that have been so helpful by providing this unwritten playbook on what to do and when (like having an Orientation Leader). Just when I think I've checked off a box, another form appears (like applying for Financial Aid and Scholarships).