Caring Community

One of the ways to show Care in our Community is simply talking and working together with our neighbors for the betterment of our Community. During the Fall Festival, our booth will promote healthy and constructive dialogue. Stop by on Saturday, October 2 on Wyoming Ave from 10am to 5pm, Booth #72 between Grove Ave. and Burns Ave.

UPDATE: We had a great time talking to Wyoming Residents and Visitors. Many positive conversations throughout the day. Here's a sampling of questions and comments I received from booth visitors.

What is the best thing about Wyoming and why?

  • Caring Community

  • I feel safe and happy here

  • Lots of fun activities that brings the community together

How would you describe Wyoming to others who don't live in Wyoming?

  • Pretty neighborhoods and trees

  • We're in Cincinnati, but in our own special place

What is one thing you would change in Wyoming and why?

  • Add an arcade or toy store, some kind of business for the kids in the community

  • People would pick up their trash and stop littering. We want to keep Wyoming beautiful.

What is your favorite street in Wyoming and why?

  • My street - my closest friends live by me

  • Wyoming Ave. - There are so many fun things that happen on this street, like Fall Festival and May Fete.

What is your favorite park or recreation area in Wyoming and why?

  • The Rec Center - we love the pool.

  • Oak Park - I like the skate park.

  • The Village Green - I like the pop up dog park.

Ask the Candidate

  • Question: What is your favorite color? Answer: Blue - for Wyoming, but every school that I attended also had blue as the school color.

  • Question: Would you support a mask mandate in Wyoming? Answer: Only if Governor DeWine instituted a Statewide mandate like they did in the beginning of the pandemic. I entrust that the science and information they are using on the state level to inform and guide any restrictions are sound.

  • Question: What is one thing you would change about Wyoming? Answer: As we update spaces and places in Wyoming, to ensure that they are welcoming and accessible to all Wyoming residents and visitors to our community.

Join the Good Neighbor Forum on October 29 from 12pm - 1pm Together, we are sharing ideas and insights on helping others become good neighbors.

Be a Good Neighbor

Take a moment to realize that those living closest to you can be a mutual social, support and safety network. Neighbors are often the first to recognize when something isn't right, offer to help, or deter an otherwise negative incident.

Did you know that the Harvard Kennedy School Government determined that a community where 10% more neighbors know each others' names would have better outcomes than if that community had 10% more police officers?

So what can you do? Start by introducing yourself to your immediate neighbors. Offer to swap contact information. Drop off some baked goods with a welcome note to new arrivals. Extend an invitation to watch a game, for a cookout or a bonfire. Look out for your neighbors like you'd want them to do for you.

Be the change you want to see, then don't be surprised when your neighbors return the favor and have your back when you least expect it, or more importantly, most need it.