Diversity is Opportunity

The Mayor's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force presented recommendations to City Council during their Committee of the Whole Meeting on September 27, 2021.

I was proud to serve on this Task Force with eight other individuals. I believe these are solid recommendations that the City Council and City Administration can take to the next level. The recommendations are grounded in sound goals and metrics.

If you get a chance to hear the presentation at the City Council Committee of the Whole Meeting, here are some of the key highlights that I think are important:

  • Did you know that the City of Wyoming does not currently track spending towards Minority Owned Businesses and Women Owned Businesses? This is a missed opportunity to show other communities that we not only say we support diversity, but show we support diversity through fiscal goals and responsibility.

  • DEI Training for City of Wyoming workers, City Council, Commissions and Committees. A DEI Training program is one tool among many that will provide city employees, city council, commissions and committees an opportunity to recognize, respect and value the differences that lead to innovative approaches to their work and promote diverse thought.

  • Our census data from 2019 shows that the City of Wyoming is made up of 20% residents who identify themselves as a minority. Through Recruitment, Hiring and Retention efforts, one of the recommendations is to have a reflection of the make up of Wyoming residents in the staff of the City of Wyoming. This is guided by promoting the vacancies though professional organizations and networks and evaluating candidate qualifications.